五感を耕す自然の恵み 真っ赤なトマトのような情熱を持つ元木さんのビアカクテル トマトビール「ワンダーファーム」
広大な敷地には地元野菜をつかったレストラン・ 農産物の直売所・地元農家による体験農園を併設します。



The blessings of nature that cultivate the five senses Motoki’s beer cocktail with a passion like a bright red tomato Tomato beer “Wonder Farm”
“Wonder Farm”, an Iwaki tomato restaurant with the concept of “cultivating the five senses. A farm where you can experience food and agriculture”
On the vast site, there will be a restaurant using local vegetables, a direct sales office for agricultural products, and an experience farm by local farmers.

In this place where you can eat, see, touch, and feel agriculture with your body, there is a sense of crisis that the number of farmers will decrease sharply after the earthquake and agriculture in Fukushima will disappear as it is, and farmers will be familiar to us. It is a place that embodies Mr. Motoki’s desire to feel it.

Craft beer using bright red tomatoes grown in Iwaki uses as much as 50% of the golden extract that comes out when squeezing raw tomatoes. A new type of beer cocktail.

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