貝でもない 魚でもない 人間に近い不思議な生物ホヤ ほや缶「木の屋石巻水産」震災後、風評被害を受け禁輸が続き、廃棄されていたホヤ。
その悔しさを ばねに、ホヤ漁師たちとコアなホヤファンの間で国内消費を促す活動を続 けており、少しずつ国内消費率が上がってきています。
ホヤは、人間が舌で感じる基本の五味、甘味・酸味・塩味・苦味・旨味を 持ち合わせる、他に類をみない食材です。禁輸が続きながらも、同じくホ ヤを愛する韓国で主流のコチュジャン味の缶詰は、食文化交流を図るため にも開発されました。

A mysterious creature close to humans that is neither a shellfish nor a fish, Hoya Can, “Kinoya Ishinomaki Suisan”
Following the earthquake, these products were abandoned due to rumors.
Now the activities to promote the domestic consumption of sea squirt is increasing, to the joy of fishermen as well as sea squirt consumers. I
Ascidians are a unique ingredient that have the basic five flavors that humans can feel with their tongue : sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Despite the embargo, canned gochujang flavor, which is also mainstream in Hoya loving South Korea, has been developed to promote food culture exchange.

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