お魚を口にする誰もが海の未来を創る主人公 手焼き真穴子

漁業が盛んなこの町では、震災後もともとあった魚の加工場や小売店の多くが 廃業してしまいました。
手焼き真穴子をつくる「はまから」は地域を愛する者たちが集まり魚屋として 開業。
自らが船に乗り、自らが真穴子を焼いているこの商品。地域に愛される 漁師たちの愛を受けて、ひとつひとつ丁寧に手作業により焼かれる肉厚の真穴 子です。

The protagonist who eats fish and creates the future of the sea with artisanal baked conger eel

250g or more for 2 people

The fish market that reopened for the first time in 8 years after the earthquake, Hisanohama, the northernmost port town in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.
In this thriving fishing town, many of the fish processing plants and retail stores that originally existed after the earthquake have closed down. “Hamakara”, which makes artisanal baked conger eels, is a fish shop where people who love the area gather.
The product, which has a direct chain to the end customer, is fished freshly and prepared by the same fisherman once off the boat. Loved within the region, each eel is carefully prepared before being baked.

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