麹漬の素 358(サゴハチ)

食べることは生きること生きている菌が引き出す豊かな味わい三五八漬けの素 @miine_primal は、塩:麹:米の比率に由来します。野菜などを漬けると、誰でも手軽に漬物がつくれる商品です。

Derived from a ratio of salt, malt & rice (30% / 50% / 80%), Sagohachipickles ’358′ is a pickling solution that brings out more taste and flavour from any vegetable.
It can easily be used by mixing the vegetable(s) in a solution which is made up of active ingredients, that additionally prolonge the shelf life of the product.
‘358′ is holding on to a traditional success recipe that made it well known in Tohoku area, and stands for collaboration between different producers.
Especially after the great earthquake connecting is more important than ever. Rather than competing for market share in a small market in order to be able to expand the Fukushima market, ‘358’ is a brand created for the purpose of uniting local businesses and growing together.

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